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The Privacy policy at BonusDomains consists in this website’s procedure to collect and use personally identifiable and sensitive information disclosed by its customers/consumers/users. It also represents the options available to customers for using BonusDomains customer’s personally identifiable information. The Privacy policy encompasses the data access and update procedures for customers, as well as provisions for rendering it to third parties.

If you disagree with the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service at BonusDomains, you should immediately suspend the use of BonusDomains.com. If you disagree, BonusDomains’s website or services shall not be used by you any more. No domains shall be purchased. No payment plans shall be started with BonusDomains.com.

BonusDomains.com is a US-based company. Its location address is in Denver, Colorado, USA. BonusDomains adheres to the US-EU Safe Harbor framework which is enforced and set forth by the US Department of Commerce relative to the collection, use, and retention of personal data obtained from the EU member countries. BonusDomains also conforms to the California Online Privacy Protection Act and to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

What data are collected and stored by BonusDomains?

BonusDomains collects and stores personal data to facilitate business, to ensure customer service and to render relevant services requested by customers.

Whenever a customer contacts BonusDomains through the website, when a customer buys a domain, when a customer fills in a contact form on the BonusDomains platform; when a customer submits payment to BonusDomains; and when a customer contacts BonusDomains by phone or chatPersonal, data are collected from customers. Subsequently BonusDomains collects from its customers specific personal information as required in rendering the services to customers and as prescribed by the relevant legislation, regulations or other standards to ensure the safety of BonusDomains, its customers, as well as the general public.

BonusDomains collects personal information of its customers, including, in particular: 1) name; 2) address, 3) phone number, 4) fax number (if any), 5) email and other details used to to identify you whether directly or indirectly in respect of your using BonusDomains’s services. To obtain many products or services, a customer may be obliged to submit additional data to BonusDomains – such as credit card details, relevant billing information, or other financial and payment details. To secure BonusDomains and its customers, and to reserve intellectual property rights, BonusDomains may oblige its customers to submit government identification and/or other documents for confirming identity and physical address.

Why BonusDomains needs such data?

BonusDomains requires customer details for several purposes, including, in particular: to meet the mandatory ICANN requirements for data collection; to adhere and conform to the United States laws and regulations. Subsequently, BonusDomains collects and stores such data with a view to be enabled:

a.To personalize customer experience – customer information assists BonusDomains in addressing the customer’s personal requirements.

b.To improve BonusDomains’ website and services – BonusDomains persists in improving the website offers and services based on the data and feedback from its customers.

c.To improve customer service – customer data boost the quality of responding to specific customer service challenges and meeting the emerging needs. Whenever a customer contacts BonusDomains for service or support, it will keep an internal record of the communication in place, whether it is an email or a telephone call. Furthermore, any support is also internally recorded.

d.To process transactions – unless otherwise definitely specified in this provision or required by law, no customer information – whether public or private, shall be sold, exchanged, transferred or rendered to any other company without direct and express consent of the customer.

e.To send out regular emails – email addresses provided by customers for order processing may be used to send pertinent information and updates pertaining to the customer’s BonusDomains account and registered domain names and/or other services. Such communications may contain the following: BonusDomains updates,  questions or concerns about the customer, the customer’s account or definite services used. Upon selecting to join the mailing list, the customer will receive emails containing company news, updates, related product or service information, in accordance with email preferences. The options are tailored for any customer through the user account.

f.Domain ownership information – domain names are sold by BonusDomains.com, and all acquisitions of domain name require registrant information for purchase to be accomplished and for the domain name transfer to be facilitated. The details provided by a customer when he/she purchases a domain will be used to transfer the ownership of the domain names mentioned. The registration details provided for the domain are recorded. They are shared with trusted parties for such purchases to be delivered to domain buyers. If privacy protection is not opted-in, the whois details provided in acquisition of a domain name may be shared via a public record called “whois”.

What is the process of collecting such information by BonusDomains?

BonusDomains uses various security procedures to ensure the safety of customers’ personal data. All financial data submitted (including credit card details) are conveyed via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Then they are encrypted into the company’s payment gateway provider’s database. This database with sensitive data contained in it can only be accessed by persons authorized with special access rights to such systems. Such persons are obliged to keep the data confidential.

You do not need to log in every time of visiting a BonusDomains website or its mobile applications since BonusDomains utilizes cookies and other technologies such as web beacons, pixels, tags and scrips to identify you. The cookies are connected with your customer account, which in turn is integral with the data in your account. Cookies are used by BonusDomains to facilitate remembering and processing the items in your shopping cart. They help understand your tastes and needs for your future visits. They consolidate data on advertisements, website traffic and website interaction. In the outcome, you have better website activity and instrumentality in future. At your discretion, you can opt for warning you every time when a cookie is received. Via your browser settings you can opt for turning off all cookie notifications.

When your cookies are turned off, it may result in improper functioning or no functioning of some BonusDomains’ services. This feature is not tested by BonusDomains, and thus it is not guaranteed that you will be able to operate services with cookies disabled.

The automatically obtained information about BonusDomains’ customers is stored in its internal databases. In particular, such information may include IP (Internet protocol) addresses, browser types, ISP (Internet service providers), referring entry/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp and/or clickstream data, as well as other data that could identify you whether directly or indirectly. This information serves to help personalize your activity and search results, to identify problems with systems, to administer the services on this website, and for other corporate purposes.

How is this information used by BonusDomains?

BonusDomains should initially conform to the local legislation. Being a US company, BonusDomains will predominantly observe the US laws and regulations in cases where two provisions are in conflict with each other.

BonusDomains provides secure storage of personal data in its internal facilities. The data can be kept indefinitely so that accurate records are available as may be required under any local legislative provisions.

Customer information helps BonusDomains in direct communication with customers.

For customers it is essential to keep the email address up to date and check the inbox regularly for updates in a BonusDomains account.

BonusDomains may be obliged to render customer information to third parties to obtain certain services required by BonusDomains, including, in particular, credit card processing, technical support, product or service delivery, customer relations, SMS sendout, law enforcement procedures, collection agencies, registry compliance, as well as while dealing with third parties for such reasons or similar ones. When a domain managed at a partner registrar is purchased, BonusDomains reserves the right to transfer the said domain name(s) automatically into an account at the said domain name registrar in order to provide the customer with the relevant purchased product(s). BonusDomains will render data to any third party within the scope of getting the required services. Such data will neither be sold nor voluntarily disclosed unless such sale or disclosure is justified at BonusDomains’s sole discretion.

The customer’s personally identifiable information cannot be entirely deleted from BonusDomains’s systems and databases even when a BonusDomains account is cancelled, suspended or terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Such information may be retained fully or partially by BonusDomains, including but not limited to, for statutory compliance, for resolving disputes, for fraud prevention and/or for company contractual provisions to be enforced. Furthermore, you will not be authorized to submit a form on this website without providing exact details required to accomplish that specific action. It is prohibited and violates the ICANN’s rules to render false Registrant data about any domain name registration(s). Any false or fake information provided leads to suspension of a BonusDomains customer account and loss of any related domain name(s) registered with BonusDomains. The same provision applies for any of BonusDomains’ affiliate companies or registrars of domain names.

BonusDomains adheres to cooperation with the government, law enforcement officials and relevant private entities to enforce and observe the applicable US law and with the current mandatory regulations applying to the services it provides. If necessary, BonusDomains will disclose any customer information to relevant officials or private entities when appropriate or deemed as justified. Furthermore, if BonusDomains, in its sole discretion, believes (particularly, in case of subpoenas) that certain customer data should be preserved to protect the rights or property of a third party, BonusDomains may consequently maintain or provide customer data for protecting the safety of a public or any other entity, stop or prevent an activity BonusDomains deems as illegal based on the applicable law, or enforce the law in another manner. All customers expressly consent to this Privacy Policy by using BonusDomains’s website and services. BonusDomains reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time in future. If this Policy is modified, such changes shall be made publically known. BonusDomains is not obliged to inform its customers directly of any amendments made to the Policy, but in case of any material changes, BonusDomains shall inform its customers by email or by posting a public notice on its website.

How can I Access, Update, or Delete My Personal Information?

You may correct any personal data about you that you deem inaccurate or incomplete. If your information is stored on BonusDomains servers, and you wish to correct it, you will have to log in to your account and update the information concerned. This includes account owner details, data submitted for various products and services offered by the website, in particular, for purchasing domain names and for payment methods indicated in your account.

You may file a request to BonusDomains for deleting your personal information. BonusDomains will consider your request and delete the information if possible. BonusDomains reserves the right to retain any personal information at its sole discretion. There are several reasons for retaining personal data, in particular: fraud prevention; upholding or enforcing legal and/or contractual rights; data retention required by local legislation, processing of your data by domain registrars, respective domain registries, contractual terms or reasons expedient for BonusDomains business in provision of its services. If you want your data to be deleted, you can contact us by using the contact details further on this page. In doing so, please provide as much information as possible to support your request, and the company will resolve whether or not the basis for deleting your data is valid. In case of any questions or concerns regarding data retention, do not hesitate to contact us. You are entitled to file a complaint to a respective supervisory authority.

Third Parties

BonusDomains.com may transfer your personal details to its affiliated companies within its corporate structure, and to other third parties integrating with BonusDomains services. Third parties may receive your personal details for provision of products and services, in particular: customer relations management; payment processing; fraud prevention; as well as domain name management and serving advertisements. Many of such third parties are affiliate companies which work jointly with BonusDomains to provide customers with products and services through BonusDomains.

BonusDomains’ customers may receive targeted adverts based upon their web pages and Internet activity. Such adverts and offers may be shown as product banners while the person is browsing the Internet or using BonusDomains.com and its services. BonusDomains partners also cooperate with third parties for such purposes as advertising, including targeted adverts on BonusDomains web pages and other websites. Such third parties may use data collection instrumentality, cookies in particular, to collect information about customer activity. Thus they provide customers with customized adverts. Such providers will enable you to opt out of such adverts at your discretion.

BonusDomains’s websites display links to third-party websites. BonusDomains is not liable for privacy and data collection policies of third-parties. The user has to review and analyze third-party privacy strategies on such websites.

Some Internet browsers enable users to get notifications when a website is using tracking technologies and may enable the user to benefit from “do not track” signals. Among the industry players, there are no industry standards or agreements as to the outcome of such “do not track” signals. As there is no definition or provision governing this process, BonusDomains refrains from making adjustments or modifications to its operation processes upon receipt of the “do not track” signal from an Internet browser.

Corporate Reorganization

In the event of BonusDomains’s merger with or acquisition by another company with transfer of a substantial share of assets, or resulting from another similar sale transaction, the user’s information will be transferred under the respective agreement, subject to notifying the user thereof by email and/or notice on the BonusDomains website with all options indicated regarding his/her information.

Contact Details

In case of any other questions about BonusDomains’ Privacy Policy or strategies, you may contact us by using the form on this website for requesting additional information, or you can call us by phone +1 (303) 893-0552 or write a message by email at sales@bonusdomains.com


Service Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to BonusDomains.com’s website and its systems, hereinafter referred to as “BonusDomains”.


Sale of Domain Names


All domain names quoted on BonusDomains.com are exclusively owned by BonusDomains and its principals. The quoted domain names are subject for sale. For purchasing a domain name from BonusDomains.com you shall transfer payment for such domain name through any of BonusDomains’ authorized payment providers. That entitles you exclusively to use the purchased domain name as long as you maintain the domain name registration and remain in good balance with your registrar.


Domain transfer shall not include transfer of any images, hosting services, logos, web content or any other rights.


Upon accomplishment of the purchase and its verification, the domain name shall be transferred to your current registrar. You may maintain your domain name registration at its current registrar or, if possible, you will be authorized to transfer the domain to another registrar at your option. You will be solely responsible for ensuring appropriate domain registration and good balance with your registrar. You will be obliged to pay annual renewal fees directly to your domain name registrar. Registration fees usually vary within the range of $10 to $20 USD per year, depending on the registrar. As the new owner, you will be solely liable for maintenance of the domain registration.


Return Policy


BonusDomains ensures a 100% refund on domain name sale amount if buyer returns the domain within a 30-days period after purchase. To obtain a refund, the buyer shall have maintained the domain with the registrar attributed to the domain at the time of purchasing it. To be eligible for such refund, the buyer shall return the domain, including the exclusive rights attached thereto, to BonusDomains within a 30-day period after purchase. For any refund to be granted, no negative, illicit, or malicious use of the domain is acceptable, including but not limited to, any spam, phishing, adult website hosting, defamation or whatsoever determined as reasonably adverse to the domain health and value. Only one refundable domain return is allowed within one calendar year. If BonusDomains discovers that a buyer’s behavior and use of the domain have adversely affected the domain health and value, such domain shall not be subject to refundable return. In all justified cases, BonusDomains will adhere to the Return Policy.


If you purchase a domain with its subsequent transfer to another registrar, the domain will be locked for a 60-day period by the new registrar. In such case, the transferred domain name(s) will not be subject to return and refund under the Return Policy. The Return Policy shall cover only domain names directly acquired from BonusDomains.com. No domains acquired through a third-party source shall be subject to BonusDomains’ Return Policy, and the buyer will be obliged to comply with such third party’s sale terms. In addition, payment plan payments are not covered by the 30-day return policy; they are governed by specific terms of each definite payment plan.


Sales Verification


A domain name sale and purchase shall be finalized once the order has been verified and approved by BonusDomains. All domain name purchases shall be finally reviewed and verified for sale to prove that that the domain(s) intended for sale is (are): A.) actually available for purchase and sale; and B.) the domain sale will not be obstructed by any issues. All orders are normally approved and transferred immediately upon the payment is received, whereas a sales receipt or email confirmation shall not finalize the transaction. In case of any circumstances disabling BonusDomains from complete delivery of a domain to the buyer, all payments shall be refunded respectively.


In certain cases, BonusDomains may issue a request for additional verification from the purchaser. In case of the purchaser’s failure to provide additional data for order verification, the order will be revoked, and a refund will be granted. No sale will be deemed as complete until its verification and approval has been done and the domain has been actually transferred to the purchaser.


Legal Rights


It is not the responsibility of BonusDomains to determine whether or not the domain name(s) quoted for sale violates any person’s or entity’s legal rights. The purchaser shall be solely responsible for analyzing whether the purchase and use of the domain violate the legal rights of other entities and individuals, including trademark and/or copyright.


Use of Your Information


The contact details submitted to BonusDomains for domain name acquisition will be used for domain name ownership and for WhoIs information on the domain(s) being purchased. Those data will be submitted to the respective domain name registrar upon the domain(s) ownership transfer. If you do not want your data to be public in WhoIs, please contact us prior to completing the purchase for the domain name transfer to be authorized accordingly.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Using BonusDomains and its services represents your express consent to BonusDomains’ privacy policy. If you disagree with BonusDomains’ privacy policy, you should suspend using BonusDomains’ systems and services.




Being involved in any business with BonusDomains, including but not limited to: offering or purchasing a domain from BonusDomains, concluding a domain purchase and sale agreement, initializing a payment plan for domain purchase, and/or submitting payments or legal tender to BonusDomains, you thereby express your consent and acknowledgement that you consciously and willfully waive your right to initiate any legal action against BonusDomains.com now or in future. You further agree and confirm that you are solely responsible for determining whether or not the purchase and use of the domain infringes or violates third parties’ rights, and you agree to hold BonusDomains indemnified against any legal actions arising from the purchase and use of any domain names from BonusDomains.


Abuse of the System


If it is found that BonusDomains’ website, programs, processes or systems are abused by users or customers, BonusDomains reserves the right to suspend service and website access to BonusDomains’ website.


Force Majeure


BonusDomains shall not be responsible for any cessation, interruption, or delay in fulfillment of its duties under this Agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.




It is strictly forbidden to give, grant, bargain, sell, assign, sublet or otherwise dispose of your obligations hereunder without prior express written consent of the BonusDomains.