Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to BonusDomains.com's website and its systems, hereinafter referred to as "BonusDomains".


Sale of Domain Names


All domain names quoted on BonusDomains.com are exclusively owned by BonusDomains and its principals. The quoted domain names are subject for sale. For purchasing a domain name from BonusDomains.com you shall transfer payment for such domain name through any of BonusDomains’ authorized payment providers. That entitles you exclusively to use the purchased domain name as long as you maintain the domain name registration and remain in good balance with your registrar. 

Domain transfer shall not include transfer of any images, hosting services, logos, web content or any other rights. 

Upon accomplishment of the purchase and its verification, the domain name shall be transferred to your current registrar. You may maintain your domain name registration at its current registrar or, if possible, you will be authorized to transfer the domain to another registrar at your option. You will be solely responsible for ensuring appropriate domain registration and good balance with your registrar. You will be obliged to pay annual renewal fees directly to your domain name registrar. Registration fees usually vary within the range of $10 to $20 USD per year, depending on the registrar. As the new owner, you will be solely liable for maintenance of the domain registration.


Return Policy

BonusDomains ensures a 100% refund on domain name sale amount if buyer returns the domain within a 30-days period after purchase. To obtain a refund, the buyer shall have maintained the domain with the registrar attributed to the domain at the time of purchasing it. To be eligible for such refund, the buyer shall return the domain, including the exclusive rights attached thereto, to BonusDomains within a 30-day period after purchase. For any refund to be granted, no negative, illicit, or malicious use of the domain is acceptable, including but not limited to, any spam, phishing, adult website hosting, defamation or whatsoever determined as reasonably adverse to the domain health and value. Only one refundable domain return is allowed within one calendar year. If BonusDomains discovers that a buyer's behavior and use of the domain have adversely affected the domain health and value, such domain shall not be subject to refundable return. In all justified cases, BonusDomains will adhere to the Return Policy.


If you purchase a domain with its subsequent transfer to another registrar, the domain will be locked for a 60-day period by the new registrar. In such case, the transferred domain name(s) will not be subject to return and refund under the Return Policy. The Return Policy shall cover only domain names directly acquired from BonusDomains.com. No domains acquired through a third-party source shall be subject to BonusDomains' Return Policy, and the buyer will be obliged to comply with such third party's sale terms. In addition, payment plan payments are not covered by the 30-day return policy; they are governed by specific terms of each definite payment plan.

Sales Verification

A domain name sale and purchase shall be finalized once the order has been verified and approved by BonusDomains. All domain name purchases shall be finally reviewed and verified for sale to prove that that the domain(s) intended for sale is (are): A.) actually available for purchase and sale; and B.) the domain sale will not be obstructed by any issues. All orders are normally approved and transferred immediately upon the payment is received, whereas a sales receipt or email confirmation shall not finalize the transaction. In case of any circumstances disabling BonusDomains from complete delivery of a domain to the buyer, all payments shall be refunded respectively.


In certain cases, BonusDomains may issue a request for additional verification from the purchaser. In case of the purchaser’s failure to provide additional data for order verification, the order will be revoked, and a refund will be granted. No sale will be deemed as complete until its verification and approval has been done and the domain has been actually transferred to the purchaser.

Legal Rights

It is not the responsibility of BonusDomains to determine whether or not the domain name(s) quoted for sale violates any person’s or entity’s legal rights. The purchaser shall be solely responsible for analyzing whether the purchase and use of the domain violate the legal rights of other entities and individuals, including trademark and/or copyright.

Use of Your Information

The contact details submitted to BonusDomains for domain name acquisition will be used for domain name ownership and for WhoIs information on the domain(s) being purchased. Those data will be submitted to the respective domain name registrar upon the domain(s) ownership transfer. If you do not want your data to be public in WhoIs, please contact us prior to completing the purchase for the domain name transfer to be authorized accordingly.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Using BonusDomains and its services represents your express consent to BonusDomains' Privacy policy. If you disagree with BonusDomains' privacy policy, you should suspend using BonusDomains' systems and services.


Being involved in any business with BonusDomains, including but not limited to: offering or purchasing a domain from BonusDomains, concluding a domain purchase and sale agreement, initializing a payment plan for domain purchase, and/or submitting payments or legal tender to BonusDomains, you thereby express your consent and acknowledgement that you consciously and willfully waive your right to initiate any legal action against BonusDomains.com now or in future. You further agree and confirm that you are solely responsible for determining whether or not the purchase and use of the domain infringes or violates third parties’ rights, and you agree to hold BonusDomains indemnified against any legal actions arising from the purchase and use of any domain names from BonusDomains.

Abuse of the System

If it is found that BonusDomains’ website, programs, processes or systems are abused by users or customers, BonusDomains reserves the right to suspend service and website access to BonusDomains’ website.

Force Majeure

BonusDomains shall not be responsible for any cessation, interruption, or delay in fulfillment of its duties under this Agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.




It is strictly forbidden to give, grant, bargain, sell, assign, sublet or otherwise dispose of your obligations hereunder without prior express written consent of the BonusDomains.